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Friday, June 4

7:00 pm CDT

Price: $20

Paul-Jeffrey WSO.jpg
Meet the Artist - Paul JeffrEY

As you get ready for tonight's concert, join our host, CBC's Andrea Ratuski, and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's Paul Jeffrey to learn more about tonight's special concert featuring the WSO's Brass Band Quintet in Winnipeg. Hear his thoughts on chamber music during the pandemic, about the ways symphonies and artists adapted during restrictions, and the outlook for chamber music post-pandemic. 

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Featuring - Paul Jeffrey (trumpet); Isaac Pulford (trumpet); Aiden Kleer (horn); Keith Dyrda (trombone); Isabelle Lavoie (bass trombone)

Agassiz BrasS

Renwick - Dance

Dowland - Two Dances

Scheidt - Battle Suite

Handel - Largo from "Xerxes"

Bach - Fantasie

Kamen - Quintet

Ewald - Quintet #3

Lecuonm - Mala

Join us in Winnipeg as the festival goes brass for the night. Featuring WSO's Brass Band Quintet's Paul Jeffrey (trumpet), Isaac Pulford (trumpet), Aiden Kleer (horn), Keith Dyrda (trombone), and Isabelle Lavoie (bass trombone), this isn't your usual strings, piano, and clarinet kind of night. Anticipation is high, for though the evening's program is secret, we are confident it won't disappoint. 

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