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We couldn't do it without YOU! More than one third of our operating funding comes from fundraising. Our donors and sponsors ensure that Agassiz continues to survive, thrive, and provide exceptional chamber music experiences for Manitobans. AGASSIZ MUSIC, INC. gratefully acknowledges the interest and support of the following supporters:

Stradivarius Supporter

($3,000 - $5,000)

Margaret Campbell

Ron & Sandi Mielitz

Guarneri Supporter

($1,000 - $2,999)

Susan Bond Hurka

Minna Rose Chung

Roy Halstead

Peter Letkemann

Paul Marleyn

Anne Ratuski

Juliet Simon

Lea Stogdale

Amati Supporter

($500 - $999)

Gerry Clayden

Carol Gamby

Samuel and Anna Lazareck Foundation Inc.

Nicola Schaefer

Lori Stewart

Ginny Twomey

Gofriller Supporter

($200 - $499)

Audrey Belyea

Coralie Bryant

Greg Cox

Margaret Cuddy

Juliana Fast

Alice Funk

Elizabeth Goossen

Susan Harasym

Margaret Harvie

Sam Klippenstein

Bernard Léveillé

Marion Lewis

Shannon MacFarlane

Rita & Don Menzies

Tannis & Bill Nadurak

Bill Pope

Mark Rash

Andrea Ratuski

Sid Robinovitch

Marjorie Russell

Sigrid Schibler-Brodeur

Phyllis Thomson

Phyllis & Barrie Webster

Gustine Wilton

Audrey Young


Tourte Supporter

($10 - $199)



Violet Boss

Robert & Linda Campbell

Susan Conrad

Mari-Jo Cormier

Anna & Bob Coulter

Victoria Cox

Werner Danchura

Spencer Duncanson

Marianne Farag

Judith Fraser

Macy Fuerst

Marvin Garfinkel

Sita Maas Geesteranus

Janis & Harvie Hanec

Heidi Harms

Margaret Harvie

Laurel Howard

Veronica Larmour

Vivian McCaffrey

Allen Mills

Marcha Murphy

Sam Nadurak

Jocelyn Preston

Diane Ratuski

Alan Schacter

Marie Schroeder

Renate Schulz

Barbara Sharp

Juliet Simon

Susan Skinner

Marsha Hay Snyder

Estelle Sures

Andrew Thomson

Jean Travis

Carol Trembath

Karin Woods

Nuo Yang


* Donations received since January 1, 2023.

Donor levels are named after some of the world's most renowned instrument and bow makers.

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